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5 Must-try Foods in Hanoi

Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, has plenty of sights to appeal to visitors – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One-Pillar Pagoda, the old quarter with its bustling streets – but if you really want to understand the Vietnamese people and their culture, you’ll need to delve deep into its street food.

Xoi Xeo

You will most likely to find the dish in any outdoor market and sometimes at street food vendors in the Old Quarter. ‘Xoi xeo’ is a type of sticky rice that is cooked with turmeric powders to add beautiful yellow color and light flavor to it. The rice is usually served with ground green bean and fried onion on top. One or two spoons of oil are also added to add the flavor and soften the texture of the sticky rice and bean. You can have it as a snack anytime during the day but Vietnamese will mostly have it for breakfast. 


Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon could be considered a type of Vietnamese and particularly Hanoian’s steamed crepe from rice flour and water. The inside stuffing consists of ground pork, mushroom, and seasoning. It is always better to have Banh Cuon freshly cooked so it is better to choose a restaurant where you can see the kitchen or steam floating from the cooking. Banh Cuon is usually served with a type of sauce – a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, and lime, fried onions, and some fresh herbs. You could also order an egg (which is wrapped inside fresh rice the paper) or Vietnamese sausage (‘cha’) to go with the dish.



The most acclaimed dish from Vietnam is definitely Pho and Hanoi is considered where it was “invented” in the early 20th century from some sources. Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup, is ubiquitous in Hanoi which you could find it anywhere from street food vendors to expensive restaurants. You can choose beef or chicken Pho. It is best to have some ‘quay’ and a raw cooked egg. Find a street vendor that is crowded with the locals and it will be where you find the best Pho!


Bun Thang

Bun Thang is one of the most popular noodles dishes to Hanoians; however, it has not been well-known to tourists. Bun Thang is usually found in small restaurants in Hanoi Old Quarter. The chicken broth is sweet and one bowl will contain julienned fried eggs, Vietnamese sausages, chicken, and herbs. All add to a wonderful flavor of the dish.


Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong is usually listed as one of the best foods in Vietnam. The dish is cooked with grilled fish marinated in turmeric, the best is Hemibagrus fish  – a type of catfish and then served with ‘bun’, peanut, spring onions, dills, and shrimp paste. In the most restaurants, it will be served hot in a saucepan on an oven so it is best to have your family or a group of friends to try together.

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