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9 experiences you should try in Ha Giang

Coming to Ha Giang in this season, you do not just watch buckwheat flowers or be immersed in the open earth and sky in Ma Pi Leng, you still have a lot of experiences waiting for you to discover in the rocky highlands.

Ha Giang is a destination with unspoiled and spectacular beauty of a tourist attraction with people throughout Viet Nam.

1. Go to the flowering season

In the flowering season, the plateau is embellished with fresh colors. Purple of buckwheat, pink peach blossom, white plum blossom, pear blossom. Buckwheat season lasts from late September to early December. Season of peach blossom, plum blossom, pear blossom is after Tet.

2. To the first place of the Fatherland

To Ha Giang, you should not skip Lung Cu, the northernmost point of the country. Standing on Lung Cu flagpole, watching the national flag fluttering in the wind, witnessing the first point of the S-shaped map is the moment for national pride and love of country.

3. Experience the life of H’Mong people

H’Mong is well-known for their hospitality and accounted for the majority of the population in Ha Giang. You will have many opportunities to experience the life in a family of H’mong. Staying in their houses, eating, sleeping and talking to the H’mong people is a cultural experience you will never forget.

4 Throw stone to the cliff on Tham Ma Pass

In Ha Giang, there is a high rock cliff situated right on Tham Ma Pass, it is the challenge to see who can throw a stone to the cliff. It looks very close, but stones only go halfway then fall down to deep abyss. If you have a chance, try it one!

5. Enjoy corn wine and specialty dishes of Ha Giang

Ha Giang corn wine is heavy but fragrant. Eating a bowl of porridge of “au tau” or “thang co” and drinking a cup of warm corn wine in a late autumn day in the rocky plateau is amazing.

6. “Flying” on Ma Pi Leng

Ma Pi Leng is named king of the Passes in the north. Not because it is hard to come, but for the spectacular scenery and youth suicide story to open rocks on the dangerous pass. Standing on top of Ma Pi Leng, opening outstretched arms for wind, feel like you are floating in the sky. Ma Pi Leng always attracts young people by the beauty of the earth and sky and the landscape with rivers, mountains blended together.

7. Go to the way of Happiness

Happiness Road starts from Ha Giang, running through the rocky plateau of Dong Van, Ma Pi Leng to Meo Vac. Nearly 200 km long, this path is blood and bones, is the myth of the youth from 16 provinces of Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen, Nam Dinh and Hai Duong. 8 years, more than 2 million workdays, 1,000 youth volunteers, 1,200 people, 9 million tons of explosives and efforts pouring down to this way. Going on the road not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to appreciate those who have laid down for each path we take.

8. Conquering passes, slopes in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is famous for the rugged passes, slopes. Bac Sum, Heaven Gate, Tham Ma, Chin Khoanh, Ma Pi Leng… challenging riders, but in return, you will be rewarded with stunning views when watching the Pass.

9. Going to Upland fair

If you are interested in exploring and understanding the cultural beauty of the highlands, you should come to highland market in Ha Giang. To the fair to see the ethnic decent clothes, eager to sell to buy. Or simply go to the market for a candy, a cup of corn wine. The fair takes place on Saturday morning and Sunday (except for some special markets like Khau Vai love market only held a single time during the year).

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