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Enjoy lotus tea on Hanoi’s West Lake

Every summer season (around June and July), lotus ponds next to West Lake are a meeting place for a lot of Hanoians who want to relax and cool off.  

Lotus ponds are assigned to households to grow lotus and do business. Hence, in afternoons, when the weather is not so hot or on weekend mornings without the sunshine, people gather here to enjoy the cool air. 

You can take photos, hire a small boat to see lotus blossoms, enjoy a cup of lotus tea or simply enjoy lotus fragrance at West Lake in Hanoi.

You can taste delicious rural dishes such a small cake and peanut candy. 

Each teapot costs from VND30,000 to VND50,000. 

While sipping tea, you also have a chance to see people here separate the pistils to marinate tea in the traditional way.

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