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Experiences to travel in Halong Bay in summer

Because of high request in the summer, Halong bay will have more tourists from May to September. Therefore, in order to have a perfect trip, guests should refer some below advices when travelling in Halong bay in summer.

Summer is time when tourists like go to the beach or mountain to enjoy cool weather. For this reason, Halong bay is seen as the most ideal place with blue sky, sunshine and white sand to meet full demands of tourists.

Choose the main destination- Halong bay or Bai Tu Long bay?

Normally, when recommending to Halong bay, many tourists usually interested in Halong bay– the world’s heritage, splendid Bai Chay and modern Tuan Chau. However, recently, Bai Tu Long bay becomes a new destination for tourists. If Halong bay is a splendidly beautiful girl, Bai Tu Long bay is elegant and attractive girl. The travellers are finding a new road, a peaceful place with wonderful scenery, Bai Tu Long bay with pretty beaches, primitive caves and simple floating fishing villages is a wonderful choice. If tourists like bustling places, Halong bay is the best choice. Of course if you time, you can visit both because each place has a unique beauty.

 “Halong Bay cruise” becomes more familiar with the tourists in the recent time, however, not everyone has opportunity to experience it. Visiting Halong bay by cruise is a new and interesting thing for tourists in this summer. 

You will have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Halong bay on luxury cruises and entertainment many activities on pristine beaches such as Ban Chan, Ba Trai Dao beach, kayaking through Light and Dark cave or visit Vung Vieng floating fishing village.

Necessary tools in your trip

One of the most helpful advices when travelling in Halong bay in the summer is that bringing sunglass, insect repellent and a few other common drugs. If you take part in a tour on the cruise, remember to bring your passport. For swimming lover on the beach, remember to bring sun block cream, wide- brimmed hat, and large scarves.

Joining with us to explore magnificent nature of Halong bay and Bai Tu Long bay and enjoy the best services on luxury Halong bay cruise, you will definitely have unforgettable memories

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