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Top 5 Must-eat Dishes in Ha Giang

As a mountainous province, Ha Giang is famous for its breathtaking natural scenery, diverse traditions, festivals on the high rocky mountains. Especially, Ha Giang is blessed with many wonderful natural products that create an attractive culinary culture with countless delicious…

Top 8 Things to Do & See during Ha Giang tours

Visit Dong Van Old Town and Get an Impressive View of Limestone Plateau. Dong Van Old Street is a small street located at the base of a rocky mountain in Dong Van town, with just over 40 roofs located close…

Best Time to Visit Ha Giang

Best time to visit Ha Giang As a mountainous province, Ha Giang brings the characteristics typical of mountainous weather areas in which temperature greatly varies between day and night: cool in daytime and cold at night. There is also a…

About Ha Giang

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  1. Ha Giang General Information

Location: North Pole of Vietnam

Population: Over 854,000 (2019)

Language: Vietnamese

Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND)

Natural Condition: Mountainous province (Average height: 800m – 1200m)


  1. People, Nature & Culture in Ha Giang
  • Ha Giang Ethnic Minorities

Ha Giang is the home of 22 ethnic groups - each ethnic group has its own language, costumes, and traditions, but they have great common characteristics: honesty, gentleness, and hospitality. Their daily life is very simple, mainly growing maize, growing rice, and raising small numbers. Not blessed by nature with good conditions, the surrounding area is mostly limestone with rugged terrain and only a handful of fertile soil in small valleys, so people here from children, adults, and the elderly always try to work hard every day. And indeed their lives were still very difficult, they lived in soil houses covered with leaves without electricity and internet the shortage of clothes, food, as well as education. ‘However, they are very admirable with the optimism in life, they always smile and live happily together despite the difficulties.

  • Ha Giang Nature

Ha Giang - the remote border region of the country always has a strange attraction for travelers who love to explore and experience. Talking about Ha Giang, we will immediately remember the winding roads in the middle of the sky, vast pine forests, majestic karst mountains, romantic but powerful waterfalls, secret caves, the villages in clouds, and magnificent terraces fields. The most special place can’t fail to mention is the Dong Van Rock Plateau which is one of the most impressive geological parks in the world, containing typical and valuable marks on the history of earth creation with majestic mountain scenery. Ha Giang surely conquers the most difficult visitors and help visitors to have a spectacular and unforgettable adventure.

  • Ha Giang Culture

Ha Giang is always proud of the attraction of cultural diversity and customs from 22 ethnic groups. They always try to maintain and develop that diversity by maintaining daily habits, building traditional houses, organizing rituals like weddings, funerals, and the Lunar New Year holiday accord to traditional beliefs. In addition, cuisines brings a unique and distinct with dishes with special flavors dishes that can not be found anywhere also attracts a lot of visitors. The most special is the traditional costume of the ethnic groups, each ethnic group has an outfit with different colors and designs, from which visitors can easily recognize the difference between them.