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Halong Bay Signature Dishes

As a bay city, the best food Halong could offer is fresh seafood and meat, in general, will be more expensive in Halong compared to seafood.


Squid Patties

Halong Squid Patties are a traditional food that you could not almost find nowhere else in Vietnam with the same quality. The squids must be processed and cooked into patties right after they are caught from the bay. If you make the patty with frozen squids, it will not have the same sweet and fresh taste. After cooked, you could store the squid patties for several days.



The seafood in Halong is very fresh as they are harvested right from the bay area. Fresh prawns, crabs, fish, to shellfish will be cooked in Vietnamese style and you will have a great meal. Besides the fresh seafood, Halong also offers half dried fish or half dried cuttlefish which will retain its sweetness while offering more crispiness and lightly salty flavor. If you book a trip to Halong and the miss the seafood, you will miss a part of the deal! 


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