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Hanoi City Overview


Hanoi, the capital and second-largest city of Vietnam, is a captivating destination that regularly ranked among the top places to visit in the world due to its seamless blend of Vietnamese motifs and French elements. In the recent years, Hanoi has witnessed a boom in new constructions which creates a modern-looking city outside of the Old Quarter. The city population is around 9 millions as of 2017 with numerous immigrants from surrounding provinces staying in Hanoi to work. The city lies on the right bank of the Red River and has West Lake as its largest lake. The city also boasts a number of historical sites, ancient pagodas, national museums, and open markets.


Due to its crowdedness, you should be careful with the traffic on the streets. When you walk across the street, make sure you walk normally and boldly so other people could predict your moves and avoid you. If you do not step forward, they will not stop and wait for you.

Besides that, take care of your belongings when you go outside especially at crowded places like bus or train station, and tourist attractions as there might be pickpocketing. Pay a little more attention and you will be fine.

Get around

The best way to get around is to catch a taxi. You could either ask the hotel to arrange one for your or rent a car from a travel agency to be free of any possible hassles.


Be sure you will dress up appropriately when paying a visit to sacred places like pagodas, temples, and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Long pants, skirts, and sleeved shirts are recommended. At some places, you might not get the permission to enter if your clothes are not suitable.


When you want to buy things at a shop without a fixed price tag, be sure to make a bargain with the shop assistants at only 30% of their proposed price and you will not overpay. 

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