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Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Hanoi is a land of thousands of years of history, containing so many cultural and historical values of Vietnamese people. Referring to Hanoi, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “Hanoi 36 streets” or “Hanoi Old Quarter”. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the thousand-year history of the capital with unique architectural houses on busy roads and colorful local markets.

This busy residential and commercial area has been established since the Ly – Tran dynasties, located in the east of Thang Long Citadel to the Red River.

The most famous feature of the old quarter is the craft streets. Thousand of a year ago, craftsmen from the craft villages around Thang Long used to gather here, focusing on each area of their profession. The merchant ships can go to the middle of the street to trade, making the craft town more developed. And the product which they made that becomes the street name, with the word “Hang” in front of it such as Hang Bac to sell silver or jewelry, Hang Duong to sell sweet, Hang Bong to sell cotton, Hang Luoc to sell comb,… Another feature of the old town is the architecture of old houses. They are dwarf tube houses that are tiled, very narrow and adjacent with uneven height. In feudal times, all houses must be lower than the palanquin of the king when visiting the streets, which is the reason to make a difference in their architecture.

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