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Hoi An Must-try Food

Hoi An is a small town with really awesome foods and a great number of restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafe. Perhaps the food is one of the reasons that make Hoi An stand out and you cannot get enough of it. Do not miss these foods if you are on your trip to Hoi An! 


Com Ga Hoi An

Hoi An Chicken Rice – Com Ga Hoi An is delicious fluffy rice cooked in chicken stock with a tiny bit of turmeric for color, thrown in a wok and served with boiled, coarsely shredded chicken Chicken in this dish is torn into small pieces and then mashed with crushed onions, Vietnamese coriander, and the other spices. This mixing step is important and clearly shows the delicacy of the cooker. The dish is then served up with very spicy chili sauce, pepper to slow the heart various coating mix chicken liver hard, extremely attractive. Before being served to customers, the springy chicken pieces and fragrant rice are decorated with peppermint, papaya, and salted onions.


Cao Lau

Cao Lau is a delectable dark pork broth with fat yellow noodles, slices of juicy pork,  served with bean sprouts, green vegetables, slices of and crispy croutons. The noodles must be made with the water from one of the closely guarded ancient Cham wells hidden throughout Hoi An.


White Rose Hoi An

White Rose or Hoa Hong Trang in Vietnamese is an appetizer named after its shape when presented properly. White Rose is a type of shrimp dumpling made from translucent white dough bunched up to look like a rose. Ingredients such as shrimp and pork are placed on top the carefully folded noodles and topped with crispy shallot. The unique dipping sauce is made of shrimp broth, hot chilies, lemon, and sugar. Water must be drowned from the old Ba Le well, which is filtered and purified 15-20 times before being mixed with the rice paste to form an airy dough.


Fried Wonton Dumplings

Hoi An fried wonton is covered in a salsa-like topping of vegetables and sweet and sour shrimp are crispy, mouth-watering works of art. Fried Wonton Dumplings (Hoành Thánh Chiên) is a specialty in Hoi An. People often added fried tomatoes and coriander on the fried wonton dumplings to make it more good-looking and tasty. Eaters can enjoy it with chili sauce mixed with soya sauce and vinegar. Salad and mayonnaise are also needed to feast diners’ tongues. Have fried wonton dumplings and white roses will be a great combo for your lunch or dinner.

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