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How to get to Halong Bay?

How to get to Halong Bay: The shuttle bus can be understood as “tourist bus”, leaving Hanoi around 8a.m and return at 12:00a.m from Halong Bay every day. If your hotel is located in Hanoi Old Quarter, you will be picked up from the hotel. Otherwise, you have to get a taxi to the meeting point.

Halong Bay is a definitely worth visiting place. It is a great destination to relax, see sight and find adventure. It is ideal for everyone who is interested in great beaches, stunning sea water and nature..

By Car or Van
The most popular way to get to Halong Bay is by car or van, which follows Highway 18 road that passing Tuan Chau Island, Bai Chay Road and Hon Gai Bridge. If you travel from Hanoi, most cruise trips will arrange transfer from your hotel to the pier (either cruise bus or private car). It usually takes at least 4 hours for one way to arrive Ha Long Bay.

                                          Halong Tour By Bus

Taking a local bus is cheaper, but the bus is old and shocking. There are indecorous staff, the staff will stop everywhere on the road to pick up more guests. If in some occasions of holiday in Vietnam, mostly local people choose local buses because of the price.
By Air 
From Danang, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, you can fly either to Hanoi or Hai Phong Airport and get a car to go to Halong Bay. From other Southeast Asia countries, you also need to fly to one of these two airports to get access to Halong Bay

                                        Halong Tour By Air

                                        Halong Tour By Seaplane


You can also travel to Halong Bay on helicopter which takes about 1.5 hour and it is only possible from Hanoi. This service is exclusively run by Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company and it is a quiet costly option to get to visit Halong Bay.

You should have a suitable choice to decide how to get there. The best way to go to Halong Bay from Hanoi is by bus. It is cheap and comfortable and the buses to Halong Bay are new, have air conditioning and together with a safe driver. The road quality from Hanoi to Halong Bay is acceptable, not too bumpy so that It will take you directly from Hanoi to Halong Bay without any stops. However, you need to stay in Old Quarter.

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