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Nha Trang Safety Guide

Nha Trang peak season

We’ve also heard reports of thefts on the beach (bags are taken when you’ve dozed off).

Drive-by bag-snatching is an issue, which can be highly dangerous if you fall victim while on the back of a xe om. It’s safer to wear bags close to your chest rather than as a backpack.

Keep phones and tablets out of sight, not on restaurant tables. If you’re using a map app to find your way around, hold the phone or tab with two hands.

Some female tourists have reported being photographed by young Vietnamese males when emerging from the water or just lying on the beach. These guys are quite blatant about it and are rather persistent.

At popular tourist sites, and on public boats, unobservant foreigners may be overcharged – check the price on preprinted tickets, and check your change.

Drink Spiking

There have been a number of reports of laced cocktail buckets doing the rounds in popular nightspots. This might mean staff using homemade moonshine instead of legal spirits or could mean the addition of drugs of some sort by other punters. While buckets are fun and communal, take care in Nha Trang and try to keep an eye on what goes into the bucket. You don’t want your night to end in paranoia or robbery.

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