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Sapa Traditional Food

Being blessed by nature, Sapa is well-known as a gorgeous paradise for tourists to relax. Once visiting this spot, you will be enchanted by its fresh air, cool climate, fantastic terraced rice fields, outstanding scenery and especially the amazing culinary scene. If you plan to visit Sapa, let’s give it ago and try to fulfill your stomach with these 10 local foods in Sapa.


Salmon Sour Hotpot

It is the fact that salmon was originally only found in the cold regions such as Europe or America so the appearance of this fish in Sapa makes a lot of diners curious. With bold taste, pretty pink meat, high nutritional ingredients, salmon is one of the most luxurious dishes for tourists coming to Sapa – Lao Cai and also a reason why salmon hot pot is listed as one of the must-try specialties in Sapa. With the cool weather all year round and snowy winter, Sapa salmon is blessed to have very fresh meat, firm muscles and almost no grease.

It is said that Sapa salmon hot pot recipe is similar to a sour soup in Southern Vietnam. The main ingredients are salmon, tomato, and pineapple and come along with special Sapa-grown wild vegetables including watercress pumpkin buds, etc.

If you plan to visit Sapa on a cold winter day, do not forget to try this fantastic salmon hot pot and you will, with no doubt, have one of the best meals in Sapa, Vietnam.


Tao Meo Wine – The Whiskey of H’moong

Tao Meo wine is very famous and also an original wine of H’Mong people. It is made from fruits called Tao Meo – a kind of tree grows naturally on Hoang Lien Son Mountain which only blooms at the end of autumn so you can buy the fresh Tao Meo fruit from the period of August to October. This amazing natural wine is a great idea for those who are seeking something unique in the mountainous region.


Black Chicken

If you plan to visit Sapa, you should definitely put the black chicken on the must-try list as this is considered as one of the most attractive dishes in Sapa. Unlike the other kinds of chicken, especially turkey, the black chickens in this mountainous area are small, just about 1.2kg and looks strange with super black feathers but very fragrant and tasty. There are so many different dishes can be made from this black chicken such as fried chicken, boiled chicken, steamed chicken, etc. But the most outstanding and highly recommended one must be grilled black chicken with honey served with mint leaves and a dipping sauce of salt, lime, and chili.


Khang Gai Dried Meat

Each region has its favorite specialty, and Sapa as well. Besides Thang Co, salmon or Sapa Cap Nach pork, Khang Gai dried meat is one of the must-try for the visitors if you visit Sapa. This is kind of horses, pig or buffaloes meat, usually, hang up in the kitchen and you will find it popular at the H’mong tribal village. This meat will be chopped into pieces which are about 2-3 kilos and hung up in order to store for years. And the locals will clean the dust and cook it with tomatoes, bamboo shoots, etc to treat their guests.

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