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Dau Go Cave

Dau Go cave is located on Dau Go island, far from Thien Cung cave 300 meters. After climbing 90 rocky steps, we will find  Dau Go cave with the area is around 5000 square meters. Like many other caves, there...

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Tips for safe dining of seafood in Halong bay

Halong bay, known as the world heritage city with thousands of caves and grottos, is also famous for its abundance of nutritious and delicious varieties of seafood like crab, prawn, fish, or sea-snail. Gourmets who come to Halong bay can...

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How to get to Halong Bay?

How to get to Halong Bay: The shuttle bus can be understood as “tourist bus”, leaving Hanoi around 8a.m and return at 12:00a.m from Halong Bay every day. If your hotel is located in Hanoi Old Quarter, you will be...

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The legend of Ha Long Bay

The legend of Ha Long Bay is that, “Once upon a time, immediately affter the Viet people established their country, invaders came. The Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons to landed down to the earth to help the...

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Halong Bay Overview

Ha Long Bay, the icon of Vietnam Tourism, one of the most popular travel destinations in Vietnam, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh Province.The Bay boasts over a thousand of limestone karsts and isles...

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