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Winter treats of Ha Noi

  When winter arrives in Ha Noi, fried sweet potato and banana cakes will become favorite foods of Hanoians and visitors. Stalls selling hot potato and banana cakes have begun appearing along the streets in the capital.   An unidentified...

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Vietnam Summer Desserts

There are millions of ways to enjoy the cool, sweet taste of summer in Vietnam, so here are some of our favorites. You could find these delicious desserts at any of the big cities in Vietnam, like Hanoi, HCMC, and...

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Upside Down House in Vung Tau

The Upside Down House in the southern city of Vung Tau is the country’s quirkiest and funniest tourist attraction for all ages and generations. The Upside Down House, located at 66 Co Giang Street in the city of Vung Tau,...

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Weekend entertainment activities in Saigon

Known as a popular attraction for visitors, especially those from abroad, Ho Chi Minh City has a lot to discover, particularly on weekends.   Entertainment programs and shopping malls are among the activities which tourists should explore. Following are some...

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Amazing coffee shops in Saigon

The Vietnamese have a love of coffee that is bordering on obsession – and for good reason. Preparation and delivery of the hallowed, roasted bean is unique and the taste is the best in the world. Whether you drink it...

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International Hospitals – Health Care in HCMC

Make sure you have good travel insurance that includes full evacuation in the event of serious illness or accident. While Saigon is home to Vietnam’s best equipped hospitals and clinics, they’re still behind the best international standards. Regional centres like...

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