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The best time to visit Halong

Halong Bay is considered a great destination that you could visit throughout the year. In the Summer, you will be able to witness the beauty of mesmerizing Halong under the deep blue sky. In the Winter, the bay is covered in fog, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere.

During the hot months in the Summer from July to August, it could be very hot which makes your trip less enjoyable and you might expect sporadic storms which could cause delay or cancellation of your trip. To be fair, throughout the years, there will be a few short rain and storms that inhibit the cruises from embarking so you should take it into consideration. However, the storms usually will not last longer than 3 to 4 days and it is best if you could reschedule or have a plan B for your trip.

Since Halong Bay is one of the most popular attractions of Vietnam, if possible, you should avoid holidays like Tet, Vietnamese National Holidays, or Chinese Independence Day because it will be overcrowded with Chinese and Vietnamese tourists. You might have to line for a longer time and wait for a longer time during the whole trip and the price might also soar up. 

Depending on your time limitation and preference, you could choose to visit Halong Bay either in Summer or Winter.

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