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The best time to visit Hanoi

Hanoi is a city which you could plan a visit anytime during the year. However, consider all factors carefully, Autumn could be the best time to visit the city.

In the Spring, from February to April, the weather is wet and humid due to drizzles and the sudden change from the cold in Winter to the heat of Summer. The rains are light, yet they are consistent. If it is not a matter to you, you could just wear a waterproof jacket and walk around the city. Be aware that around February, there will be the New Year Festival, Tet, when a lot of shops and attractions will be closed and prices and service charges could soar up!

In the Summer, from May to August, you should expect heat waves from time to time and downpours. The temperatures could be up to 40 – 50° Celcius during heat waves and it could be too hot for most foreign tourists and the showers are mostly too much that it could hamper your visit. However, the rain is scattered and you could have some refreshing days after the rain! 

In the Autumn, from September to October, you will have the most beautiful time to visit Hanoi. Falling leaves, mild temperatures, and breezy winds are all one could ask for a perfect trip. A plus point is that the Summer vacation time for Vietnamese will be over by that time, so most attractions will not get overcrowded.

In the Winter, from November to January, there could be very cold days. The sky will mostly look cloudy, sometimes sombre. Apart from that, to visit in the Winter will not cause you any trouble, and you will have a great time eating BBQ and hot soups in the cold. Be sure to bring some warm clothes. 

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