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The best time to visit Hoi An

The climate of Hoi An is considered tropical.  This means that the temperatures are warm throughout the year, and the year is distinctively broken up by the wet and dry seasons. 

Although the temperatures are warm throughout the year, the hottest months on average are June and July, during which time the daily high temperatures will be in the mid 90’s.  The nighttime temperatures during these months will drop to the 70’s.  The coldest months of the year are December and January.  During these months the daily temperatures will be in the upper 70’s and will drop to the mid 60’s during the nights. 

Generally more important to visitors than temperatures is the rain.  The rainy (or monsoon) season in Hoi An is from September until January.  During this time, rain clouds will constantly move through the area, particularly during October and November. It can rain constantly and there is a high probability of flood and typhoons. There are days during which sunshine is abundant, but they are not the majority.  This is still considered the high season in Hoi An, the quietest months are June and July.

The dry season is from February until July. These months provide plenty of sunshine, with warm temperatures. 

Some feel the best time to visit Hoi An is between February and April when rainfall is low and temperatures are comfortable. Others think it is best to wait a little longer, until May and June. During summer, the temperatures can get hot,

It is lucky if you can travel to Hoi An on the 14th day of the lunar year each month when Hoi An celebrate the Full Moon Festivals and becomes the stage for traditional songs, dancing, games and special vegetarian versions of all the local specialty dishes, with lanterns lining all of the streets.

You should experience Hoi An once at least!

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