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The legend of Ha Long Bay

The legend of Ha Long Bay is that, “Once upon a time, immediately affter the Viet people established their country, invaders came. The Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons to landed down to the earth to help the Viet people fight against their enemy. At the time boats of invaders were rushing to the shore, the dragons landed down on earth and immediately sent out from their mouths a lot of pearls, which then turned into thousands of stone islands emerging in the sea like great walls challenging the invaders’ boats. Their fast boats couldn’t try to stop and crashed into the islands and into each other and broke into pieces.

After the victory, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons didn’t come back Heaven and stayed on the earth at the destination where the battle had occurred to protect Viet people. The location Mother Dragon landed is nowadays Halong Bay and Child Dragons descended is now Bai Tu Long Bay. The dragons’ tails waving the water created Long Vi (present Tra Co peninsula) and formed a fine sand beach over ten kilometers long”.

                                                 Halong Bay

Halong bay is situated in the northeastern of Vietnam and the western bank of Tonkin Gulf, including the sea area of Halong city and Cam Pha town and part of Van Don district. Cat Ba Island is in the southwest toward the west is the shore with a 120 km-long coastline. 

All of the islands in Halong bay are limestone and distributed in the two main areas: the southeastern part of Bai Tu Long Bay and southwestern part of Halong bay. These represent the most ancient pictures of a geographical site having a tectonic age of from 250 million to 280 million years. They are the result of many times of rising and lowering processes of the continent to form a karst. The process of full erosion and weathering of the karst created the unique Halong bay in the world. Thousands of islands with different shapes look like glittering emeralds attached to the blue scarf of a virgin. The area where has many stone islands concentrate is spectacular scenes and famous caves as well as is the center of Halong bay Natural Heritage, including Halong bay and a part of Bai Tu Long Bay.



Bai Tu Long Bay

The bay area is recognized as the World Natural Heritage that is the area of 434 km square with 775 islands. They looks like a giant triangle with Dau Go Island (in the west), Ba Ham Lake (in the south) and Cong Tay Island (in the east) as its three angle points. The nearby area is the buffer area and areas classified as national beauty spots in 1962 by the Ministry of Culture and Sport and Tourism.

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