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Things to do in Halong Bay

With the surge of demands from tourists, besides cruising, Ha Long has recently developed more and more recreational activities to accommodate those needs by building more amusement parks and expanding its museum.

Kayaking or Bamboo Boat ride

Kayaking is one of the most loved activities when you join a cruise in Halong, it is fun and it provides you the ability to feel closer to the bay and immerse in its beauty. For people who would love just relaxing and enjoy the scenery, you could join a bamboo boat ride instead. The bamboo boat will be rowed by a local and could carry up to 4 people per boat.

Halong Parks

Halong is building its first amusement park and soon to be the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. The park complex will contain a waterpark, a Ferris wheel, an arcade, a cable car line across above the bay, and a challenging game zone for both kids and adults. So far the cable car and Ferris Wheel have finished and started welcoming guests, which will provide you with a beautiful view of Halong bay with a reasonable price. Soon the whole park will be completed to give you more options to have fun.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is a part that is linked to Halong Bay and together formed a larger ecological zone. Cat Ba Island also contains Cat Ba National Park where you could enjoy some good hiking trails and a hard-core 18 km route up to a mountain summit. Cat Ba is also the home of Cat Ba langur or also called white-headed langur, one of the rarest primates in the world and possibly the rarest in Asia. The langur is now listed as critically endangered with around only 70 individuals left in the world.

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