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Things to do in Hanoi city

You are planning a trip to Hanoi and wonder what are the best things to try while you are in the city? Taking one or two-day trips from Hanoi will be an absolutely great choice for you because Hanoi is in proximity to many other attractions. Besides that, you still have a few days to hang around in the city and look for things to do, then check out our list of the best things to do in Hanoi city!


Take a half-day or full day city tour

Taking a city tour with the tour guide is the best way to visit the many attractions of Hanoi city because some of them are out of walking distance from each other. You will be worried free about the next stop, catching a taxi without hassles, and of course, learn more about the history of the city from the introduction of the guide.


Explore the Old Quarter

Book a hotel in the Old Quarter is the best choice for you because it is easy for hotel pickups and for you to get around. While in the Old Quarter, be sure you bring a map with you to avoid getting lost. You could find many shops and food vendors with great options to hang around. There are a plenty of coffee shops and bars that are very popular among tourists and locals so you could chill out and relax. 


Book a ticket for the water puppet show

Go to the ticket booth at one of the two Thang Long Water Puppet Show near Hoan Kiem lake and you could easily book the ticket by yourself. The price is fixed so you do not have to worry about bargains. With the ticket, you can enjoy an hour of Vietnamese traditional arts.


Cyclo ride for an hour

You could take a cyclo ride around the inner city for around an hour to enjoy an authentic experience of Hanoi. Cyclo used to be a very prevalent means of transports in Hanoi around 10 years ago until the ban of use outside of sightseeing trip. Have fun and enjoy the ride like nowhere else in the world.


Night market and walking street

From Friday night until the end of Sunday, the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake will be reserved for walking and near there is a night market that you could visit. There are a lot of stalls where you could buy much stuff at a cheap price, try grilled street food, and sometimes enjoy live street music.

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