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Top 5 Must-eat Dishes in Ha Giang

As a mountainous province, Ha Giang is famous for its breathtaking natural scenery, diverse traditions, festivals on the high rocky mountains. Especially, Ha Giang is blessed with many wonderful natural products that create an attractive culinary culture with countless delicious dishes made from rich natural ingredients. Cuisine on the rock plateau is becoming a feature that creates a very unique attraction for Ha Giang. Let’s with us to learn about the top 5 must-eat dishes when you come here and try not to miss them on your journey.

  1. Steamed Egg Rolls

In Ha Giang cold rock area, locals have to eat something very hot and spicy to counteract the gloomy atmosphere emanating from the mountain rocks, in which including steamed egg rolls. It has a very unique flavor, greasy egg yolk is wrapped outside by a tough layer of dough mixed with sponge characteristics of egg white. To perfectly enhance the flavor of the dish, it is enjoyed with the pork bone-based sauce. You should eat right when it is still hot, let’s quickly dab the piece of cake into the hot sauce, brings it into your mouth to enjoy the melted cake, mix with the taste of the wonderful sour spicy sauce.

  1. Au Tau Rice Gruel

Au Tau gruel rice one of the most famous specialties dishes that you must try when traveling in Ha Giang. It is made from a number of elaborate stages from glutinous rice, pig’s trotter, chicken egg, some special spices, and Au Tau. Because Au Tau is the typical medicine like false ginseng so some tourists find it is quite difficult to eat this dish for the first time. However, after a few spoons, the bitterness of Au Tau is mixed with the sweetness of the bone broth and the scent of the egg to become aromatic, sweet in the neck, creating a strange and attractive feeling. Try to find the restaurant and enjoy a bow of Au Tau gruel rice to keep warm on a night winter, it will be an amazing experience!

  1. Bac Me Bamboo Sticky Rice

For a long time, Bac Me Bamboo Sticky Rice is considered a favorite dish of tourists whenever they have the opportunity to visit this majestic stone plateau. As the name implies, it is made from the famous sticky rice  Bac Me. How to make Bac Me Lam rice is quite easy, simple, and inexpensive. Rice is soaked, washed, mixed with salt, then put in a part of bamboo with groundwater; use dried banana leaves to cover the mouth of the bamboo. After the above steps are done, the bamboos are grilled directly on the charcoal stove for about an hour until the tip of the tube radiates the aromatic fragrance is also when the rice is ripe and delicious.

  1. Thang Den

At first glance, this dish looks like a floating cake in Hanoi or a Cong cake in Lang Son, but the taste is very different, but just being eaten once will find unforgettable. Do not know when it has become a specialty snack of Ha Giang, this is also the dish that people here introduce to first-time visitors to this rocky plateau. Cake made from glutinous rice flour with the bean. Making it is not difficult but requires ingenuity and sophistication. Each piece of Thang Den cake is formed in a circle, as big as a floating cake, with beans, sesame, and coconut. Boil it in hot water until it floats on the water surface. After mixed with sugar water,  a bowl of Thang Ben will be a little more under coconut milk, roasted peanuts to add appeal.

  1. Five-Color Sticky Rice

With eye-catching colorful forms and the fragrant plasticity make           Five-Color Sticky Rice become a dish identity of the locals in Ha Giang. Referring to Ha Giang tour, in addition to the attraction of the majestic natural beauty, visitors will remember forever the unique five-colored sticky rice. With 5 vivid colors which are made from natural components, it is definitely a perfect architectural masterpiece of sticky rice. To create the unique color of five-color sticky rice, the people have chosen the typical fruits of the mountains to color them: white is the color of glutinous rice, red is the color of Gac or red rice leaves, green from ginger leaves or sticky rice leaves, yellow from old turmeric get into the water, purple from black rice leaves, or Sau leaves… To glutinous rice soft, and bloom enough, local people have to soak the rice in water for 6-8 hours. Then divide the rice into 5 equal color parts cooked evenly to make fragrant sticky rice.

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