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Trinh Nu ( Virgin Cave)

Located in a position like the heart of the Bo Hon Islands, Trinh Nu Cave brings the beauty of heaven to Halong Bay and the humane values of the country and the people of Vietnam.

The girl in a love story is the representative of the faithfulness of Vietnamese women. Just because she refused to be the concubine of a rich man in this bay, she was exiled here. After a period of deprivation of food and water, she was finally exhausted and in a stormy night in the middle of the sea, she petrified. People have more grounds to believe in the legend because in the cave there is a stone in the shape of a girl with long hair as if lying down but still looking towards the sea, looking and waiting for her lover.

Under the light of the sun, the rocks and stalactites in the cave cover themselves with a beautiful halo

The natural beauty is so simple but also magical, along with the archaeological values ​​of thousands of years ago was discovered, Virgin Cave has always attracted tourists to visit and explore.

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