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Unforgettable Taste of ‘Xoi Khuc’

‘Xoi khuc’, also known as khuc cake, has its name because the cake cover is made by glutinous rice powder mixed with brayed ‘khuc’ leaves, covering gram and pork. ‘Xoi khuc’ is also very popular for breakfast in Hanoi.

The cover layer of the cake is made of brayed glutinous rice mixed with khuc leaves. Glutinous rice for making khuc cake is always choosen carefully to ensure that the cake will be soft and tender. Khuc leaves, the important part of khuc cake, are well brayed to obtain the mash liquor which is mixed with the glutinous powder then kneaded well later.

To make the filling of the khuc cake, prepare finely ground green bean and pork marinated in salt and black pepper powder. Wrap the pork inside green bean powder and knead them into a tight sphere. Again, wrap the filling in the cover made of khuc leaves.

When steaming for a while, cover the whole cake with a layer of sticky rice and continue the steaming process.

Xoi Khuc is popular for its soft, good-smelling, and greasy taste of the fillings, it is best to eat while the cake and the rice are still soft and hot.

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